Jeff Burningham

Candidate for Governor @ State of Utah

Since his early life and throughout his career, Jeff Burningham has been an innovator and entrepreneur, and has always been drawn to tackling big problems and building high-performing teams. He has demonstrated a knack for sensing what’s around the corner and capturing opportunities. 

Utah is uniquely positioned to step onto the world stage. To seize this opportunity, Jeff believes we need to bring new thinking to government. That’s why Jeff is running. He’s an innovative outsider who is ready to bring game-changing leadership to capture the once-in-a-generation opportunity before us. We live in a rapidly-changing world, and Jeff believes that our state government needs to adapt to those changes. It’s time to challenge the inertia of bureaucracy, and bring new ways of thinking to government. The campaign for Utah’s next Governor isn’t about yesterday’s ideas, or today’s status quo. It’s all about tomorrow’s opportunity.