Cody Adent

CFO/VP @ The Vibrant Team

Cody began his career in sales making a name for himself in the Wireless Industry.  What started out as a sales role quickly turned into Sales Leadership ranking 15th overall nationally for Alltel Wireless.  From that success he was requested from the VP of the Southwest to open an Authorized Retailer for Alltel. That created the birth of The Cell Phone Guy, an Alltel Authorized Agent.  The Cell Phone Guy quickly because the leading retailer within the region for Alltel. With its success and the overall growth of the industry Cody was approached by an investor to purchase his business.  This created the opportunity to transition back into the corporate world with Wireless Advocates. Cody once again quickly established himself as a leader within the organization earning District Manager of the Year in  back to back years for the entire company.

Cody then had a small stint with a competing Wireless Company who had recruited him to rebuild a  region within their organization. After that transition Cody began a new chapter with an upstart Event  Marketing company. He operated as the CFO/VP of Sales growing the company from operations in one city to over a dozen in his time at G4G Marketing. After accomplishing his goals with the G4G  Cody came back to St. George and started consulting for, that turned into a full time position with Vibrant Management as the CFO/VP of all the different entities under their  management. With Cody you get an incredibly driven and results oriented individual who has the ability to bring a team together to achieve incredible results.